About us

AYLOS UK Limited is an expert in the domain of Microsoft Dynamics™ Customer Relationship Management (CRM) providing top-notch software solutions and products by being persistent in software quality. It was established with the foremost objective in mind to bring real value to our clients and help them leverage the advantages of a mature software platform such as Microsoft Dynamics™ CRM.
A team with over 20 years of accumulated experience in the development of enterprise software applications and over 10 years of experience in delivering XRM and CRM solutions we are here to assist and guarantee true return on investment.
Microsoft Dynamics™ CRM is a business solution to help increase positive customer experience as an important ingredient to win and retain customers. The platform helps companies delivering highly satisfying customer experiences and building long-term relationships that are proactive, predictive and personalised. The platform encompasses best practices, with the flexibility, familiarity, and functionality you would expect from a Microsoft™ product.
XRM extends the Microsoft Dynamics™ CRM business solution to areas other than just customer relationships. The platform can be configured, customised and extended to support member, employee or any kind of relationship through a highly customisable business relationship management software platform. By selecting the Microsoft Dynamics™ CRM as a platform to develop your new solution you are facilitating from the existing robust platform and the out-of-the-box features that will help you build a top-notch solution whilst at the same time keep low cost of ownership and true return on investment.

What is Microsoft Dynamics CRM?

What is XRM?

What we do?

  • Implementing development tools to assist the development of the XRM/CRM software solutions and modules adhering to productivity and best software practices.
  • Architecting, designing and developing bespoke XRM/CRM software solutions and modules based on the Microsoft Dynamics™ CRM platform for either on-premise or the online edition.
  • Analysing the business requirements and producing high level solution design that incorporates both functional and non-functional elements.
  • Solutioning and data modelling.
  • Producing detailed functional and technical specifications.
  • Preparing the software development environments.
  • Articulating the software development methodology and approach.
  • Managing the software delivery and assuring quality of the deliverables.
  • Integrating the XRM/CRM solutions with other systems such as back-office applications, SharePoint portals, bespoke Web applications, Adxstudio portals, etc.
  • Upgrading or migrating older versions of XRM/CRM systems or legacy systems.

How we do it?

  • Comprehending the business needs of the enterprise by encompassing the business value along with the positive impact of adding such a solution.
  • Providing SME knowledge of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform and surrounding technologies and platforms.
  • Engaging in constant communication with the end-user across all the software delivery stages ensuring transparency and collaboration.
  • Understanding clearly that software is a science rather delivering several hours of service.
  • Following best practices to deliver top-notch and robust solutions.
  • Applying a pragmatic approach whilst delivering a solution.
  • Using latest versions of ALM software tools such as Visual Studio Online to ensure quality across all the software delivery stages.
  • Understanding clearly that the technical debt is one of the main scourges in the software industry.

What technical skills do we provide?

  • Coding with ASP.Net, C#, JavaScript, SQL, FetchXML, Visual Studio and the CRM SDK.
  • Configuring and customising Dynamics CRM schema, user interface, business rules and business processes.
  • Extending Dynamics CRM by implementing custom workflows, plug-ins, web resources, dashboards, reports, etc.
  • Integrating Dynamics CRM with other systems by implementing ASP.Net, WCF services, Windows Services, Azure queues, worker roles, SSIS, etc.
  • Unit testing Dynamics CRM plug-ins, workflows or other coding modules using mocking frameworks such as Rhino Mocks, MOQ, etc.

Why us?

A great number of organisations identify a clear need for a contemporary solution based on the Microsoft Dynamics™ CRM that will help them achieving their business objectives. However, experience dictates that many past XRM/CRM solutions have been victims of poor management and poor implementation. The inherited issues cost much more in the long run from the initial cost whilst the technical debt turns out to be a massive scourge and obstacle to achieve the business objectives.

We strongly believe that the XRM/CRM solutions can be drastically improved by following the appropriate approaches by ethical CRM SMEs. We believe that it is better to deliver less features that will encompass quality rather more features that will be based on a short-term quick profit strategy. We also believe that businesses should have in-house skills to operate, extend, maintain and support those solutions obtaining true ownership of their technology assets. 

We work alongside to deliver true cost effective solutions, without discounts in quality, that will help your business to meet the evolving needs of the digital era.
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